Acting with the principle of “Value for Humanity” at every stage of production and management and with our values ​​that are one of the building blocks of our corporate culture, we adopt it as our basic management understanding to act with the awareness of social responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment in all our activities. We believe that in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers by providing high quality and creative products, solutions and services with sustainable growth, our core value is our human resources.

We commit;

Child Labor: For the healthy development of children and within the framework of respect for the right to education, not to employ employees under the age of 16, to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing young workers,

Recruitment: In order to ensure the continuity of the company’s ethical criteria, the selection of the personnel in recruitment will be considered as a necessary and important criterion, as well as the technical and professional knowledge of the company, the compliance with the company rules and the company’s social compliance requirements.

Awareness of Employees: Believing that the basis of social compliance is conscious employees, raising the awareness level of employees by informing them about their personal rights, company rules and working conditions during the recruitment phase and at certain periods during the working period,

Working Hours: To comply with applicable laws and regulations in working hours and overtime hours due to efficient working and respect for human rights,

Wages and Payments: Based on the minimum wage as the minimum wage that the employees can afford to cover their living expenses; that there is no wage below the minimum wage, that overtime wages are paid by making additions as stipulated by the law,

Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations: To act in accordance with the rules by adhering to the laws and regulations in force,

Discrimination: Based on the equal rights of all employees; not to discriminate in employment, compensation, access to education, promotion or termination or retirement based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political affiliation.